“How can we contribute to your project as partners?”

SCIENTIA NOVA Association works in:

  • supporting and promoting the education, culture, adult education and lifelong learning;
  • organizing international cooperation with similar organisations;
  • developing and promoting art in public;
  • stimulating the creative art works through recognition and other forms of motivation;
  • developing international promotion of the culture and art.

SCIENTIA NOVA Association takes part in:

  • activation of the youth in the process of integration in Europe, based on the principles of peace, human rights, democracy and the rule of law;
  • promotion of youth activism and education, as well as youth influence on public policies;
  • contribution to the development of civil society, as well as the involvement of young people in social events and processes, especially in the decision-making process in local communities.






MK, Risto Miov, Kavadartsi 1430, N. Macedonia