“Twinned Towns work together on EU Youth Priorities: Engage, Connect, Empower”. This project is co-funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union, Strand 2 – Democratic Engagement and Civic Participation, Town Twinning Measure.

Project aims to:

• Create cooperation and long-lasting partnership between Kirkovo Municipality,Bulgaria, Vistonida Municipality, Greece and Kavadarci Municipality, North Macedonia in the field of EU Youth Priorities: Engage, Connect, Empower;

• Rise citizens awareness about EU institutions, their rights as EU citizens, EU Solidarity;

• Give citizens an opportunity to express what kind of Europe they want and to outline their long term vision for the future of European integration and give suggestions how can the EU come closer to its citizens;

• Give the citizens the necessary resources to stay connected in future and work on joint projects.

The project foresee the following activities:

1) Online survey on “What kind of Europe they want and to outline their long term vision for the future of European integration”;

2) Quiz for EU institutions with awards;

3) Role games on EU citizens rights;

4) Workshops on EU youth programs and EU Youth Platforms;

5) Creating Partnership Agreement and Manuals with Good practices from Europe on “EU Youth Priorities: Engage,Connect,Empower” and on “Innovative methods for formal and non-formal education from Europe”;

6) International night and Twinning ceremony;

7) Promoting the environmental and cultural heritage of the municipalities.

Sporadic attempts were made by certain groups and individuals from these municipalities, such as celebration of local holidays, cultural exchanges, participation in folklore events, but they haven’t been organized in a project yet.

The project involves 365 direct participants and 3000 indirect participants.

General objectives of the Programme targeted by the project:

To contribute to citizens’ understanding of the Union, its history and diversity.

To foster European citizenship and to improve conditions for civic and democratic participation at Union level.

The project is implemented by:

Youth Priorities Association, Bulgaria


Association Scientia Nova, North Macedonia

Coordinator: Youth Priorities Association

Project partner: SCIENTIA NOVA Association