Training course for Youth Workers within the frame of Erasmus+

Dates: 18th -25th November 2019

Venue: New Lanark, Scotland, UK.

The main objectives of the project are;

• To Empower youth practitioners/volunteers to explore and integrate different innovative and creative approaches, tools, methods and resources in their work with young people, in relation to building playful young people.

• To inform youth practitioners/volunteers about mental wellbeing and the impact building play in young can have.

• Empower practitioners to create impactful play sessions with young people to build confidence, belief and optimism for the young person’s future.

• Empower youth practitioners/volunteers with ability to understand young people emotions and connections.

• To explore the youth mental health and well-being landscape that exists in Europe with a focus on Scotland and the partner countries.

Coordinator: Polbeth Community HUB

Project partner: SCIENTIA NOVA Association