Body positivity stands for acceptance and appreciation of all human body types, as well as inclusion of all genders, ages, races, people with disabilities.

There are a lot of reasons to promote body positivity within youth work and education. Body positivity helps us to learn that we are more than our appearance.

This project consists of one international training course and series of multiplier workshops in each of the 11 participating countries – Latvia, North Macedonia, Czech Republic, Greece, Serbia, Spain, Austria, France, Slovakia, Ireland and Slovenia – with the purpose to train youth workers and professionals involved in education, training and youth to develop awareness and skills of creating inclusive language and approach in non-formal education activities, taking into account the vulnerability of young people and the potential triggers that can come up during any activity that involves body movement, connection with others or being in front of the group.

The project “BODY positive” is financed with the support of European Commission’s Erasmus+: Youth in Action administered in Latvia by the Agency for International Programs for Youth.

Coordinator: Piepildīto sapņu istaba

Project partner: SCIENTIA NOVA Association