METAVERSING – Civil Society Cooperation in the field of Youth FPA Project No. 101121693.

On April 29, we celebrated the European Day of Solidarity and Cooperation between Generations. The participants were young people seeking advice to prepare and face this period of transition to adulthood. They asked adults and experienced people who had already gone through the crucial transition from youth to adulthood. With this activity, we strengthen the relations of cooperation between young people and adults during the celebration of the Day of Solidarity and Cooperation between Generations.

We talked about the transition to adult life as autonomous and independent, the transition from school to employment; from a child to an autonomous adult, about the social rights and responsibilities of a citizen, how digitization and the use of technology affect the everyday life of adults, how access to technologies and the digital world can be improved for adults and many other issues.
This activity in Macedonia is part of the Metaversing project, in which the SCIENTIA NOVA Association is a partner. The participants are part of the youth activities implemented by the SCIENTIA NOVA Association.

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