Nuremberg, Germany, December 4th to 10th, 2023

From December 4th to 10th, 2023, young people from 5 countries participated in numerous workshops within the Youth Exchange “Act with Art”. About the participation in this youth exchange and his impressions, Tome wrote: ‘My Erasmus+ project in Nuremberg, Germany, was focused on the theme “Act with Art” and it was an amazing mix of old history and modern life. The city’s medieval buildings, cultural richness and Christmas market made everything feel special. Connecting with the friendly locals and other amazing participants from the project made the cultural exchange even better. Exploring the city’s art, attending workshops and other planned activities which were integrated in the project’s program, showed how art brought everyone together, even if we spoke different languages. Nuremberg will always be special to me, a place where its history and the warmth of its people came together in a really meaningful way.’

The youth exchange ‘Act with Art’ that took place from 5.12.2023-9.12.2023 in Nuremberg, Germany was a perfect opportunity for me, personally, to get to meet a certain number of young people from all around Europe, learn about their culture, and try to pronounce a couple of words in different languages for the fun of it as well. I would say it was a really interesting mix of people from different nationalities who differ so much from one another, and yet are very similar to each other. We found a lot of resemblance in the numerous traditions we shared with each other and also a lot of difference regarding what life is like in each of our countries. We had a chance to learn about the local problems of young people and got to know a little bit more about the issues young people encounter in each of our countries. As a result, we were able to express the possible solutions via different kinds of media like song, drama, drawings, sculptures, etc.  The city of Nuremberg is a whole story for itself. The local cuisine, the buildings and the culture that have been there for centuries, mixed with a sophisticated touch of punctual technology simply make you fall in love with the whole experience. – Stefan.

This project activity was in the Programme Erasmus+, KA152 Mobility of young people.

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